Some useful Cognitive Neuroscience Perception CD’s and Web Sites


1.  CD-Roms

  • Digital Anatomist (Univ of Washington)
  • Silvius 2.0 (Purves, D. et al., (2001) Neuroscience 2nd Ed. Sinauer Associates, Inc.)
  • Exploring Perception (packaged with B. Goldstein’s Sensation & Perception)
  • Levine CD (Fundamentals of Sensation and Perception)
  • CD with Kolb and Whishaw’s Introduction to Brain and Behavior)
  • Brain Atlas for Functional Imaging (Nowinski, Thirunavuukarasuu, & Kennedy, Thieme:
  • Whole Brain atlas:


2.  Web Sites

A.  Class & info web sites:


B.  On-line Brain Atlases, fMRI, and Brain Modeling


C.  Current Hot Topics about Neuroscience in the News


D.  Web Resources for Developmental Disabilities and Neuro-related diseases

(just a sample)

·       Autism Society of America:


E.  Lab web sites (various researchers’ web pages have good links, demos):


4.  Journal data bases


5.  Downloadable Cognitive Neuroscience Programs for MAC


6. Training programs in fMRI, info on fMRI, and collective data centers

  • Savoy’s MGH fMRI training:

  • National fMRI Data Center:
  • Center for the Neural Bases of Cognition (grad, ugrad, and fellows programs):